Installation Centres

Welcome to Energy Tuning the home of Turbo Tune

At Energy Tuning we pride ourselves on the service that we offer which allows customers to improve their vehicles in many ways. We have several years of experience in this industry and what we can offer is tailored service to suit what the customer wants based around performance and fuel economy. With our expertise and knowledge in this area we can bring supply a service that is affordable and honest- something that you won’t get with many other companies.

What makes us unique is that we create and design our products from scratch using our understanding and knowledge of diesel tuning. We design our products with innovation in mind and attempt to make them stand out from the crowd, this is why our products are unique and are only available via us.

Our services can help make life a lot easier for our customers’ as they know they can come to us for many car related issues and queries. Within our services we offer engine remapping which can help save you the customer money as well as improving performance. Using our knowledge we can help you get the most out of your vehicle by remapping the ECU, this will help to increase performance whilst bringing fuel costs down.

Energy Tunings flagship product is the Turbotune DT box and we designed this purely with the customer in mind. After realising that other products on the market were not quite what we expected we set out to design our own. The Turbotune DT box will outperform other systems and can work on more vehicles making it far more versatile. It gives the customer more control over giving them exactly what they want and should they want to switch it off for a little they have the ability to do this. Our Turbotune Tuning boxes coming with a 5 year warranty when fitted to the same vehicle and the incentive of free nationwide fitting at one of our approved installation centres. You will not be disappointed by this product!.